Tot Spot Little Learners

Where your little one can grow and learn

My Mission

I understand how difficult it is for parents to find good quality childcare.  I feel I have the love, knowledge, experience and qualities needed to provide your child with a warm, relaxed home/school, atmosphere that is healthy, fun loving and meaningful where they can learn new things and make new friends.  I also, promise to treat your child with the affectionate care, attention and respect that he/she deserves.  I believe that children are the most important part of our future,and I will work with you to help establish the foundation your child needs to feel secure and to provide stability for their future. 

I have 25 years of experience working in the daycare/preschool field, 21 units of early childhood education, CPR certified and qualified to administer first aid. 

I take my job very seriously, and am committed to the very best for your child.